A major focus of the 9th grade social studies classes this year was Project Citizen, a national program that aims to help students become effective participants in the democratic process. The program provides a practical, hands-on approach to learning about our system of government and how to influence it.  Students worked together to identify local problems, research current policies, investigate possible solutions and create a policy recommendation.


Students worked on Project Citizen in the fall and shared their work with the NCS community at a Project Citizen Showcase at school in January.  Four teams represented the high school at the state competition in April.  Ninth grade civics teacher and Project Citizen advisor, Mrs. Stacy Walls Bartkowski stated, “They all worked very hard preparing their projects.  The State judges were highly impressed with all of their presentations. We are so proud of all of them!”  Through Project Citizen, students learned skills and knowledge that will prepare them for both   academics and careers.