NCS students brought home 34 medals in 10 events, placing 1st through 3rd at the Technology Student Association (TSA) state competition.  All 42 TSA members participated in the competitive events, which required students to apply engineering and technology skills, solve technical problems and invent solutions.

Every top-three medalist at the 2016 State Conference earned the opportunity to represent Delaware at the 38th Annual National TSA Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, June 28-July 2.  At the national level, Delaware representatives will compete against nearly 7,000 other student participants  from around the world.

Our 1st place State Champions are: Vyshnavi Kosigi (Technological Essays) and Nini Ivanova, Bridget Knight, Courtney Brown (Fashion Design). Earning 2nd place were: Bobby Badiey, Shelton Kimmons, Rumi Khan (Video Game Design) Olivia, Santoshi Kandula, Ravina Sashiti, Shaily Patel (Fashion Design), Rumi Khan, Bobby Badiey, Josh Davis (Technology Bowl),  Daniel Davis (Technical Sketching) Bobby Badiey, Vyshnavi Kosigi, Josh Davis (Music Production) and Rumi Khan (Extemporaneous Speech).

Earning 3rd place were: Noah Seador,  Glendale Manio, Romil Patel, Aadesh Nagda, Michael Price (Architectural Renovation), Olivia Skaug, Santoshi Kandula, Ravina Sashiti, Shaily Patel (Children’s Story), Olivia Clouse, Ben Dix, Donald Jackson, Thalha Habib (Video Game Design), Daniel Davis (Dragster), Nick Gugerty (Music Production) and Shaun Huebner (Technical Sketching).