The idea around the high school’s Global Studies capstone projects is to address a social issue that the students are passionate about. Eleventh grader Brianna Johnson chose to impact our school community by showcasing art advocacy by capturing the diverse interests of our student body through a mural presentation.  “Brianna is hopeful it will inspire students to invest more in the arts and take action to bring more awareness to the NCHS art program,” explained Ms. Lisa Westerfield, the Global Studies teacher.   

Mural“I wanted to create a mural to add some more color to our school and also help with giving the arts in our school more representation,” said Brianna.   “Going with the theme of arts advocacy I looked through quotes and found one I really liked to be the theme of the mural: ‘Through art we can change the world.’ I wanted a visual representation of the arts changing the world, giving the message that the arts are beneficial and appreciating the arts in our school,” she said.

Brianna led the project in her Global Studies 3 class.  She recruited other students to join in her work. “I want to involve anyone who wants to help with it, especially because it’s leaving a legacy.  I want everyone who wants to part of it to be a part of it,”  she said.

“It’s been especially exciting hearing all the positive responses I’ve been getting as I’ve been painting. I’m really glad that other people are also interested and enjoying it as much as I am,” said Briann.  “It’s been a ton of fun for me, especially being able to bring people together through it. I think it’ll be a good legacy to leave on the school and I hope people decide to continue filling the school with art and beauty.”