Over the course of 10 weeks this fall students in Mr. Justin Miller’s Economics/Personal Finance course competed for the first time in the Stock Market Challenge, a statewide competition coordinated by the University of Delaware. On December 9th, a team of seniors – Daniel Gott, Thalha Habib, Glendale Manio, and Aadesh Nagda – were named the winners of the 221 team competition for growing their starting portfolio by 11%.

The goal of the competition, which is integrated into the Personal Finance curriculum, is to teach students about different investment approaches, how stock markets work, and how to analyze risk in potential investment opportunities.

Since the 10-week competition period ended around the time of Black Friday and the holidays, we figured that if we bought them low, they would rise high and we could sell them high at the end,” team member Glendale Manio said. But that’s not how it turned out, so the team created a new strategy, finding a stock with high value fluctuations. “We decided that if we wanted to win, we would have to take the risk of investing in it,” he said. That risk ended up paying off, with a boost of $50 per share and a first-place win.