Anatomy and physiology teacher Theresa Repole took her class to visit the UD STAR Campus this fall and met with UD faculty member Dr. David Barlow in the anatomy lab. Dr. Barlow is the director of the Center of Pre-Med and Health Studies and associate professor of Behavioral Health and Nutrition in the College of Health Sciences.

“Students had the opportunity to observe, hold, or move/palpate body parts including the brain, heart, spleen, large intestine, left elbow, left hand, complete left arm, appendix, kidney, left lung, left shoulder joint with the nerves exposed, spinal cord, and anterior portion of the rib cage,” explained Ms. Repole. “The students were so amazed at what they were able to see, hold, move, palpate! They all gained a better understanding of what we have been learning or they received a peek at what they will be learning. “The students were surprised as to what muscle looks like, how you can tell which lung is left or right, the tendons and their function, the actual heart itself, and even the intestines. I believe the students acquired a new respect for the knowledge that is necessary for further education in a medical or science field,” she said.