Some very talented Newark Charter High School students submitted a wide variety of works, including descriptive essays, humorous essays, short stories, poetry, and journalistic articles, to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. In all, Newark Charter students won 28 awards, including four Gold Keys, eight Silver Keys, and 16 honorable mentions. Junior Jesse Roy earned a Gold Key, the highest honor, for his critical essay titled
“Kennedy’s Historians: Gender Dynamics and Presidential Perceptions” and another Gold Key for his journalistic article titled “Did He Really Say That? Yes, and Now He’s President: Brazil Under Bolsonaro.” Jesse also won a Silver Key for his journalistic article titled “Why It’s Hard to Stay Neutral on Net Neutrality.” Sophomore Megan Chen won two Gold Keys for her descriptive essay titled “Living Life Below 50” and her humorous exemplification paper titled “The F.A.D. Diet.” Megan also won a Silver Key for her critical essay titled “Sports Stadium Subsidies are Changing Our Economy.” Jesse’s and Megan’s essays were submitted to the national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards office for review, and they could earn national recognition for their works. Senior Larissa Guilford won a Silver Key for her poem titled “Candid,” while sophomores Livvie Upreti (“Secrets Behind Closed Doors on Warnock Street”), Helen Zhou (“Hidden Voices”), John Henry Cooper (“Remember”), and Anika Mandavilli (“The Pleasures of Playing at the Park”) all won Silver Keys for their descriptive essays. Sophomore Amberly Tran won a Silver Key for her critical essay titled “Depravity, Death, and Change: Puritan Tombstone Practices.” Students earning honorable mentions were Rhys Cottle-Vinson, Aarti Itikirala, Dillon Reburn, James Stokes, Cate Boettger, Alyssa DuVilla, Rohan Kanchana, Wesley Mills, Eva Shay, Amberly Tran, Raphael Kim, Livvie Upreti, Megan Chen, and Cady Griffin.