Tobacco Policy

This document outlines the Tobacco Policy for all NCS properties.

In an effort to adhere to Delaware Code (11 DE Reg. 1463) and to improve the health of students and school personnel, Newark Charter School has adopted the following policy regarding the use or distribution of tobacco.

Possession or use of tobacco and tobacco related products is not permitted in the school buildings, on school grounds, in leased or owned vehicles, even when they are not used for student purposes, and at all school affiliated functions.

In addition to the staff and students of Newark Charter School this policy applies to:

  1. All buildings, property or vehicle leased, owned or operated by Newark Charter School.
  2. School bus operators under contract shall be considered staff for the purpose of this policy.
  3. Any private building or other property including automobiles or other vehicles used for Newark Charter School activities when students and staff are present.
  4. Any non educational groups utilizing and renting school buildings or other educational assets.
  5. Any individual or a volunteer who supervises students off school grounds.

Once adopted, this policy will be communicated to the students, school staff, parents, guardians or Relative Caregivers, families, visitors and the community at large by:

  1. Posted on the Newark Charter School Website
  2. Published in the weekly bulletin (once a year)
  3. Published in the Student Code of Conduct
  4. Published in the Newark Charter School Staff Handbook
  5. Listed as a condition of service to all volunteers, visitors, renters, and other contracted employees.

Individuals interested in seeking assistance in overcoming the physical and social issues associated with nicotine addiction are encouraged to contact the Delaware Quitline by visiting the Delaware Quitline at or calling 1-866-409-1858.

Newark Charter School will not be used to advertise any tobacco product.

Approved by School Council: 9/27/2010