College Application Procedures

Newark Charter seniors should refer to the following procedures when submitting transcript requests for college applications.  Each section below must be complete in order for a student’s supporting documents to arrive at the appropriate colleges and universities for application review.

5 Key Procedures: This online tutorial describes the key procedures students must follow/complete when applying to colleges from Newark Charter.

Follow Instructions: Inattention to details or failure to properly complete any of these procedures can lead to delays in the processing of documents that may be required to complete your college applications.

Meet Deadlines: Late notification and/or failure to properly meet deadlines can lead to delays in the processing of documents that may be required to complete your college applications.

Overview (scroll down to view details)
1.) Send official test scores (SAT/ACT, SAT Subject Tests)

2.) Bring home transcript release form, obtain parent signature, return to bin at main office.

3.) Create a Common Application account at

  • Add at least one college to your list in the Common Application (any college)
  • Complete FERPA authorization in the Common Application
  • Log-in to your Naviance account at
  • Click the COLLEGES tab, then the COLLEGES I’M APPLYING TO link, then carefully match your accounts.

4.) Complete the paper transcript request form (one for each college) and return to the bin at the main office, AND…

5.) Request transcripts for specific colleges in Naviance and indicate the appropriate deadline you are using.

Students Arrange for Sending of Test Scores

gIt is imperative that students understand it is their responsibility to submit official test scores to colleges from the appropriate testing agency website (College Board for SAT, and for ACT), or to arrange for the sending of scores via specific college-approved methods, and that counselors will not be submitting test scores for students’ college applications, per college regulations, except for specific circumstances when students have properly requested assistance from a counselor.*

  • Some colleges still require all students to submit scores directly via the testing agency. Screenshot instructions for this are included down below this set of bulleted statements under the heading “Sending Official SAT/ACT Score Reports via the Testing Agency.”
  • Some colleges allow scores to be sent directly by a student without involving the testing agency or payment. Students should feel free to use this option carefully and honestly when allowable by any colleges.
    • In some cases, the student may simply need to self-report the scores in an application (i.e. enter them into text boxes inside the literal college application) and that will be satisfy any testing requirements until official scores are sent after admission (for admitted students who intend to enroll).
    • For some colleges, entering test scores into the application will not be sufficient, in which case a student may need to send an actual PDF report. Students can view their SAT score reports by logging in to the College Board account here prior to downloading and saving the score report PDF (or multiple PDFs if you are trying to send scores from multiple testing dates). Score report PDFs could be downloaded by the student via a personal College Board account, prior to uploading to a college via email or an application portal. To download the PDF, after you are logged into the site, (A) select a score and click “view details,” and then (B) look for the “download report” button (key areas highlighted in yellow below):




  • Some colleges may require the score to be sent by a school official instead of a student (e.g. Newark Charter guidance or college counselor). If a student would like his/her counselor to submit a test score on his/her behalf, the student must indicate this clearly on the transcript request form, covered later in this tutorial. If this form is not submitted properly, the counselor will not send scores to the college on behalf of a student and will assume that the student has properly submitted test scores without counselor assistance.**
  • **Students are encouraged to check directly with their colleges to learn if any particular college will accept test scores via alternative methods, and then proceed to send as required/recommended by the college, and to request score-sending assistance (if necessary or allowable) from the counselors by following the directions on the transcript request form in a timely fashion, one full month prior to college deadlines.

Sending Official SAT/ACT Score Reports via the Testing Agency

Students must log-in to their SAT College Board and/or ACT account and request score sending to colleges where they plan to apply.  Students should submit scores at least one full month prior to a college application deadline, whenever possible.

Important Note about the University of Delaware: The University of Delaware is recommending that if a student scored an 1150 or higher (or an ACT of 23 or higher), he/she should submit the test score officially to the University of Delaware for review.  If a student has not reached the 1150 mark or 23 ACT, he/she is a candidate to apply test optional to the University of Delaware.

  • If you scored an 1150 or higher on the SAT (or 23 or higher on the ACT) you should send your SAT or ACT score to the University of Delaware.  After applying, you will receive a notification email that asks you to indicate whether or not you want your test score to be reviewed during the admission evaluation.  You should select to have the score considered.
  • If you did not score an 1150 or higher on the SAT (or 23 or higher on the ACT) you should withhold your test score (do not send it officially) and also do not self-report the score in your Common Application account for the University of Delaware application.  In the residency section of the UD application in Common App (see screenshot A below), you should indicate that you ARE applying test-optional.  Then, also be sure that in the Common App section, you are leaving the testing section blank and NOT reporting your SAT or ACT score (see screenshot B below). Please note that you can return to the Common App testing section to add test scores before applying to other colleges if they require test scores.




SAT Score-sending Tutorial (for when you are sending test scores, don’t use this if applying somewhere “Test Optional”)

1.) Log-in to your College Board account.

  • If you have difficulty logging in, attempt to reset your password or retrieve your username.
  • If you still cannot log-in after trying to reset your password or retrieve your username, please call 1-866-756-7346.
    • Press 3 at the first prompt, and then 0 at the second prompt. Explain your issue to the
      representative and ask for help. Please be patient and wait on the line if necessary.
      This is the only way to track down your account information if you’re having trouble
      with the online “forgot password or username” links.

2.) Click the “Send Available Scores” button:


3.) Select the colleges you wish to receive your scores, and continue until you receive confirmation that the request went through.


Sending AP Scores

Students should not officially submit any AP Exam scores via College Board until after the application, admission, and enrollment processes are complete.  Students can self-report their AP scores (optional) on the Common Application, but they should not officially send AP scores to colleges via their College Board account until admitted and deciding to enroll at a particular college.  Typically, this score-sending will occur in the summer before enrolling at the chosen college.

Transcript Release Form
Create Common Application Account & Match with Naviance
1.) Create a Common Application account at

  • You must use your Newark Charter email during the account creation.
  • If you already registered with a different email, please click on the settings icon in the top right corner spoke. Then adjust your email address to the Newark Charter email.

2.) Complete the “current or most recent school” segment on the “Education” section of the Common App tab.

If you matched with Mr. Mitchell to write your counselor recommendation, here is his info. for the counselor section.


If you matched with Mrs. Halfen to write your counselor recommendation, here is her info. for the counselor section.


3.) Click on the “College Search” tab and add at least one college to your list (e.g. University of Delaware).


4.) Click on the “My Colleges” tab and then the “Recommenders and FERPA” segment.  Proceed to complete the “FERPA Release Authorization” section.





5.) Match your Common App account with your Family Connection (Naviance) account.  This will enable teachers and counselors to submit documents to colleges on your behalf: transcripts, report cards, recommendations, school forms.

Login at First half of their NCS email address (Example: lebrjame17)

Password: Student ID followed by NCS! (Example: 12345NCS!)

  • Tip: Students who are having trouble logging in are likely including the “” in their login username, but they should NOT use that part of their email address – just the first part (Example: “lebrjame17” if LeBron James was a junior at NCS)


A.) After logging in, click on the on the “colleges I’m applying to” link.



B.) Click on the “Match Accounts” button, enter your email address (which needs to match your email in Common App), verify that your date of birth is correct – then click Match. This will integrate your Common App and Family Connection (Naviance) accounts. You can only complete this once you have finished the previous steps outlined in this tutorial.

6.) This final step (#6) is optional in terms of completing the 5 key procedures referenced in this tutorial (you don’t need to enter this in order to match your Common App account with Naviance), but #6 will  eventually be necessary for you to complete in the Common App, so key information is presented here in case you need to return to it. This is how you should complete the “Grades” segment in the “Education” section of the Common App:

Request Transcripts for College (Paper Submission - required in addition to Naviance)
Click Link Below to Download Transcript Request

College Transcript Request 2018-19

Request Transcripts for Colleges (in Naviance)
  • In addition to requesting transcripts via this paper form here, you will also need to request a transcript electronically via Naviance.
    • Transcript requests must be completed at least a full month prior to the college deadline, unless otherwise noted on the deadlines below.
    • These due dates apply to the submission of BOTH the electronic transcript requests (online) via Naviance AND the paper request form – both must be submitted by the corresponding deadlines below.

How to Request Transcripts in Naviance

1.) Login to Naviance

Login at First half of their NCS email address (Example: lebrjame18)

Password: Student ID followed by NCS! (Example: 12345NCS!)

  • Tip: Students who are having trouble logging in are likely including the “” in their login username, but they should NOT use that part of their email address – just the first part (Example: “lebrjame18” if LeBron James was a senior at NCS)

2.) Click on the “Colleges” Tab, then the “Colleges I’m Applying to” Link

3.) Click on the “Request Transcripts” Circular Button

4.) Add colleges for transcript requests. The colleges and deadlines you enter MUST MATCH the paper transcript request document you submit as well.

  • For each request, you MUST indicate the “type” of deadline you are using, and it needs to match the paper request you submitted as well.
  • The system’s drop-down menu will default to “Regular Decision,” but if you are applying Early Action, Early Decision, Restrictive Early Action, etc. — you must indicate it here in the drop-down menu. Do your research to ensure that you are actually selecting a deadline option that truly exists at the college.
  • You will also need to indicate the method you will use to apply to the college (e.g. Common App, non-Common App which is considered “directly to the institution”).  If you are using the Coalition Application, or any other non-Common App system, you should select “directly to the institution.”  Do your research before selecting.
  • Please note that at this point (in the fall of senior year) you are requesting “Initial Transcripts” only. Final transcripts are for the end of senior year only


5.) If you wish to edit any of the methods of application (i.e. Common App, Directly to Institution) or the deadline option (e.g. Early Action, Regular Decision, etc.) you can simply click on the “Edit” icon:

If you update your deadline or the method through which you’ll apply, you MUST ALSO notify your counselor via email.