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Band Practicing
Band Practicing
Band Practicing

THE Literary Journal 2018

Performing Arts

Music Program

With almost half of the student body in grades 4 and up participating in a music performing group, Newark Charter School provides one of the most extensive music and performing arts experiences in the area. It includes various choruses, orchestra, and band for grades 4 through high school. The students involved in these activities perform regularly in yearly concerts, competitions, and other school-sponsored events!

Drama Program

The Newark Charter Drama Department has been producing plays and musicals each year since 2008. The annual spring musical is one of the most anticipated NCS events of the year. Student actors receive more than just applause with these productions. They experience team work and creative collaboration, benefiting from the group experience much in the same way student athletes do. And as individuals, NCS student actors discover self-discipline, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Visual Arts

Visual arts are an important part of the Kindergarten through 8th grade Core Knowledge curriculum.  The visual arts elective courses offered in the high school, such as Visual Arts I and II, Advanced Visual Arts and AP Studio Art, enable students to continue to explore their interest in art and refine their skills.  Student artwork is proudly displayed throughout Newark Charter School’s three buildings.  Many students also enjoy using their artistic talent in clubs and activities such as the Literary Magazine and Yearbook.